What’s new in iOS 11 that you might like

File_000 (1)With the release of the new iPhone 8 and 8 Plus devices from Apple, also comes a slightly less heralded event – the release of a new version of the iOS operating system that run the iPhones.  iOS 11 is very similar to previous versions of the operating system, but there are some new and important details that could change how you interact with your phone.  As this update is coming to almost all of the iPhone models released in the last 4 years (iPhone 6, 6s, 7, and now 8 and their Plus counterparts) chances are good your iPhone is going to get this update.  If you are interested in seeing how it will impact your phone, read on!

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HTC halts trading of shares; Google acquisition likely announced soon

[Special Feature]Two Tech Geeks Best of Tech 2012First rumored earlier this month, it appears as if the buyout of HTC’s mobile division is on track to be formalized.  HTC announced today (Source: the Verge) that they have halted trading of their shares in advance of a major announcement.  Most people are projecting that this announcement will be that they are being purchased by Google, to serve as their hardware division going forward.

HTC has been in a position to manufacture phones for Google in the past, both under the Nexus as well as Pixel brands (and it poised to have another device released shortly, the Pixel 2 coming on October 4th) and this merger/buyout makes a lot of sense for both companies.  At least, it makes sense to me, as someone who has been looking for Google to have the kind of equipment, facilities, technical expertise, and supply chain to get into the hardware game for a while now.  We will follow up when the announcement is made official with the press release.


Google devices & details leak, seen first from Droid-Life


Pictured is one of a number of leaks from the good chaps over at Droid-Life dot com, and this is the rumored Pixel 2 XL device, in a black and white colorway.  One of the only bummer pieces of the leaked info is the starting prices – the 64GB version is rumored to start at $849, with the 128GB device going to top out at $949.  Those are some Samsung prices right there!

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LG V30 shown off by JerryRig Everything

LG V30 Angle

While we are very much looking forward to some hands on time with the newest flagship from LG (when it finally gets released) – in the meantime, we got the following press release from LG on how they partnered up with the YouTube channel JerryRig Everything to talk about the hardware and build quality of the V30.

LG has teamed up with JerryRigEverything to provide an exciting and deep dive look at LG V30’s build quality. Here’s a link, and below are some notable points to check out!


  • 00:17 – 00:52– Shows footage of NYC from the helicopter shot from the V30
  • 00:57 – 01:45– Zach Nelson provides an overview of his initial impressions of the V30, S8 design comparison
  • 02:37 – 02:43– Durability – glass lens
  • 04:45– 06:48 – Discussion around the lens, 10-bit image sensor, and general overview of the camera capabilities and playback features
  • 06:49 – 07:08– DSLR Camera comparison
  • 09:24– Phone turns back on after re-assembling it

If you are as interested as we are in this new device, check it out!

Why you might want to pass on the iPhone X

Screen Shot 2017-09-12 at 3.58.55 PM

I think everyone by now has heard the news about the 10th anniversary iPhone, the device called the iPhone X.  Starting at $999 and packed full of new and/or revolutionary features, the iPhone X is hailed by some tech websites as perhaps “the future of the smartphone.”  And while I do feel like there is a lot to like about what Apple has done, I think there are also a few reasons you might want to hold off buying the most expensive iPhone ever.

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Friday Poll – getting a new iPhone?

So today is the day – you can now pre-order the new iPhone 8 devices, and if you the Android sort, you can also start to get the Galaxy Note8 starting today.  Since we have all the hype of the new iPhones more recently, let us know in the poll below what you are getting!

Google will unveil their new Pixel phones on October 4th

google pixel date1

Google has started to roll out advertising for their newest lineup of Pixel phones, and the date is now confirmed – October 4th will be the new Pixel phone debut.  There is a bunch of billboard ads (like you see above) as well as a dedicated website (which you can find here) that gives us a teaser of what we can expect from these phones.

Just some of the features and specs we should see include:  water and dust resistance, an improved (on an already great) camera, and some time of batter life enhancements, some of which debuted with Android 8.0 Oreo.  Prepare yourself – this should be fun.  I’m going to be like this guy below on October 4th apparently…

Businessman with briefcase of money

Me waiting for the pre-order of the Pixel XL 2