[News] Apple’s Tim Cook apologizes for iOS Maps app issues

In a surprising turn, Tim Cook, the latest Apple CEO, has posted a public apology of sorts on Apple’s website regarding the newest iOS 6 release of a home grown Maps app.  Already sporting well documented issues with misdirection, poor 3-D rendering, and strange visual anomalies, the iOS Maps app has been a black eye for Apple’s latest software release.  Much like the so-called “grip of death” issues with past iPhone releases, its not generally Apple’s way to make a product available that has such obvious flaws.  But its also not really their way to give away free bumpers or make public apology statements either, so perhaps this marks a change in mindset for the Cupertino, CA based company.  Hey…a little humility never hurt anyone.

Letter from Apple’s Tim Cook

*source:  Droid LifeApple Inc.


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