[Rumor]New Nexus Phone in 30 days with Android 4.2 in tow

An article from Android and me this morning indicates the next Nexus phone will be out within 30 days with Android 4.2 in tow.

As I covered in our Holiday buyers guide I believe it is likely we’ll see at least three Nexus phones and possibly five.  Rumors point to versions based on the LG Optimus G, the HTC Droid Incredible X, and a successor to the Galaxy Nexus from Samsung.  A Sony variant may also be in the works. 

While the rumor points to a release date in the next 30 days, November 5th would make a lot more sense.  That’s the 5th anniversary of Android and releasing a handful of Nexus phones seems like a great way to celebrate!

HTC Nexus 5
LG Optimus Nexus

Nexus Overload?

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