[News] Thanks to all of our readers!

Its not often that something that is a hobby and a labor of love (mostly, sometimes its just labor) gets noticed by other people.  But when I checked in on the blog this morning, we had over 400 page views!  That’s fantastic, considering that we’ve only been up and running for only about 2 weeks time.

So, on behalf of all the contributors here at the site, I want to say THANK YOU.  We do this partially to amuse ourselves, but we hope to really be of benefit to those of you reading out there that love tech as much as we do.  Please feel free to follow the site (via your Gmail account) if you want to get the latest updates here at the Two Tech Geeks blog.  We appreciate your comments and feedback as well…but please, be kind.  🙂

Your attention and comments help to keep us going.  So if you like our blog, please let us know!


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