[News] Tribute to Steve Jobs MacBook Pro

A year ago today Steve Jobs passed away. As a Tribute, Uncover has crafted this very special very limited edition MacBook Pro with Retina Display.

Photo courtesy of uncrate.com
Jonathan Mak’s design features a silhouette of Jobs along the edges of the Apple logo along with the laser-tattooed quote “You can change things” on the bottom. 
The configs of the Mac are 2.7 Ghz, 16GB memory, and a 750GB solid state drive.
Uncover is only making 3 available for auction with the proceeds getting split between the charity Get It Done and SellanApp
An amazing tribute for Steve Jobs. Check out Uncover for more specifics and if your willing to drop a hefty chuck of change for 1 of 3 of these beautiful devices. 
Just a note: the item is from the Netherlands and therefore in euros. The auction ends Tuesday, October 9th 05:00:31(BST).
*Source uncovermac.com

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