[Rumor] iPad mini to be announced on 10/23/12

Photo mock-up courtesy of Cnet.com

If you’re considering making a tablet purchase in the near future (or for the holidays) and the iPad 3 is just a bit too large for your tastes, perhaps waiting a few more weeks will yield just what you’re looking for:  the 7.85 inch so-called iPad mini.  The rumor (courtesy of AllThingsD) is that the announcement for the launch is coming up on October 23rd.  If you’re looking for a really good collection of all the current rumors on specs, style, and well…everything else, check out this write up from the good folks over at Gizmodo detailing everything that is currently out there on this new device from Apple.

Personally, I find the 7 inch tablet form factor to be much more appealing than the current iPod 10 inch size, so for those of you dedicated to the Apple ecosystem and who share my point of view, be on the lookout for this new tablet from those wacky kids in Cupertino.  More leaked photos follow below.


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