[Rumor] 32GB Nexus 7 to launch October 29th

Photo courtesy of Engadget
As noted below here, the one tech device I’m really looking forward to is the Nexus 7, but with an increased storage capacity over the 2 previously sold versions.  Multiple sites are reporting not only that several merchants have received them, but also that a few (precious lucky few!) have been able to purchase them.  But the latest info shows a shot of the retail sticker with a “do not sell before” date of 10/29/2012, which is the date that Google is having their Android event (see more coverage on that event here).  Please note that while this sticker shows an almost $1,000.00 price point, these same sources are reporting that the price will in fact be the same as the 16GB version of this tablet ($249).
The Nexus 7 is already one of the best selling Android tablets in the market, with the Amazon Kindle Fire and Fire HD really the only other option for folks looking for that particular size with loads of features.  The benefits of the Nexus 7 make it a clear winner, with updates to Android coming direct from Google as well as the ability to unlock the bootloader and install custom ROMs (similar to what can be done with the Galaxy Nexus smartphone).  I’ve played with it at local retailers that sell the 8 & 16GB versions…its the “must have” Android tablet in my opinion.  You can be sure to expect a very thorough review from me as soon as I can get it in my hot little hands.  October 29th can’t come fast enough!  

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