[News] Apple’s event is tomorrow

A quick reminder for those Apple fans out there that Apple’s event is tomorrow, October 23, 2012 and will likely showcase the announcement of the iPad Mini (or whatever its real name ends up being).  In addition, there are some other rumors including:

  • The previous generation iPad 2 will be discontinued – end of life
  • The current iPad 3 will get a connection makeover, to include the new “Lightning” connector
  • MacBook Pro (the smaller versions) to receive the Retina Display panels
Will the iPad Mini be a huge hit or a tiny flop?  Are any of you looking forward to a smaller, more portable version of Apple’s tablet?  Can Apple make a dent in the 7 inch tablet market, currently dominated by Android tablets including the Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire?  With Google’s event only a week a way, there will be even stiffer competition for the iPad Mini to face soon.  Stay tuned for the Two Tech Geeks coverage of the Apple event as it happens!
*Source:  BGR

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