[Rumor] Google Event announcement to include 3G enabled Nexus and Nexus 10 tablet

With October 29th fast approaching, the rumors on what is going to be announced at Google’s Event are coming fast and furious…the latest and greatest include the following:

  • A 3G enabled Nexus 7 tablet, with HSPA+ speeds rumored
  • 32GB Nexus 7 tablet (all but confirmed)
  • Nexus 10 tablet, in partnership with Samsung
  • Nexus 4 device from LG (see specs reported here)
  • Androids latest OS release, 4.2 (rumored still to be named Jelly Bean)
Some of these things (the 32GB Nexus 7, the Nexus 4 from LG) were previously reported, so no surprises there.  But the inclusion of a 3G Nexus tablet would be new and exciting, as would the official announcement of the Nexus 10 tablet.  While rumors of the Nexus 10 have slated its release as somewhere in the 1st quarter of 2013.  No matter when its released, this tablet is sure to please (see the full details here) as long as the price point is a reasonable one.  This also, along with Microsoft’s Surface tablet, is going to go up against Apple’s featured iPad 3 device so price is going to be a factor if they hope to expect solid sales numbers.  Pricing it at (or above, heaven forbid) the iPad’s current prices aren’t going to do it any favors.
The 3G Nexus 7 I’m interested in since it will have to be tied to a carrier…but which carrier, how, and for how much data is the question.  Hopefully, we’ll see more details soon.  And, if not, the 29th is only a week away.
*Source: Droid-Life

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