[News]Verizon Galaxy Note 2 with home button branding official

Proving once again that it has no shame, Verizon introduced its variant of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 (SGN2) today with its logo on the home button.

Verizon’s antics are getting tiresome.  Between the locked boot loaders, slow updates, expensive family share plans and now nonsense like this it makes it really hard to continue to support them.

While not a deal breaker the button branding is tacky and the fact that none of the other carriers felt it necessary to do something similar says a lot. 

The official Galaxy Note 2 press conference is this evening and launch details are expected to be announced then.  Look for the Verizon SGN2 to be released on November 15th with a $299.99 on contract price.

It looks now like the official release date for Verizon will be Thursday, November 29th.  That’s a full month later than T-Mobile and Sprint, and over two weeks later than AT&T.  The reasoning for the delay is unknown, but it’s probably to give the RAZR HD/MAXX HD more time on the market without major competition. 

The good news is this gives those that pre-ordered plenty of time to cancel their orders if the HTC DNA or LG Nexus 4 end up being better options, or if they finally decide to leave Verizon because they’re sick of being treated like second class citizens.


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