[News] Nexus 4 device appears for sale on UK retailer website

Carphone Warehouse, a UK retailer, apparently knows something we Yanks here Stateside don’t.  That being the Nexus 4 from LG will be available for sale through them on October 30th, a day after the Google Event on October 29th.  The website showed the phone and link, only to have it subsequently removed, presumably from all the attention.  A screen grab of the site (and phone details) appears below:

Hopefully the site’s removal of the link is because they needed to fix info from one of the rumors we’ve heard about this phone – that it will come with only 8GB of internal storage, with no SD card expansion.  And you can get it an any color you want, as long as its black.  While the design of the device is strikingly similar from the front to the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, the internals are updated and the devices rear cover plate has a unique tiled look to it.  Since this will most likely NOT be offered on Verizon (no LTE capability is currently reported) will anyone out there on a GSM provider be looking at this as their next phone?

*Source:  Engadget


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