[News] Google’s Nexus 7 tablet reported sales about 1 million per month

Asus executives are reporting some substantial growth in the Nexus 7 tablet area, according to their quarterly earnings call.  While Google does not discuss sales figures for their products, Asus apparently doesn’t have any such qualms…the call indicates that the first few months after launch about 500,000 units were sold, then steadily grew to 600,000 and then 700,000 in the months after that.  Currently that sales figure is just south of 1,000,000 – an impressive feat considering this device has had a handful of television commercials, a 1 day stint on Google’s homepage, and word of mouth marketing.  While these numbers pale in comparison to the numbers of iPads sold each week, it demonstrates the Nexus line from Google and partners is making headway in the Android tablet market.

With the Kindle Fire HD it’s only real competition, and with the upcoming release of larger storage and 3G connectivity options in the Nexus 7 (as well as the soon to be released Nexus 10 model) Android tablet sales as we head into the holiday season may well yet be even further on the rise.


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