[News]Nokia Lumia 920 reviews starting to trickle out

The embargo on the Nokia Lumia 920 ended this evening and the first reviews have started hitting the web.  So, does the Lumia 920 live up to the hype?

The reviews so far are mostly complementary.

Both theverge and cnet reviews praise the screen, battery life, out of the box wireless charging, general design and performance of the new Windows Phone 8 (WP8) flagship.

Complaints are mostly aimed at the large size and heft of the device.  The verge review simply states “The Lumia 920 is a tank,” while cnet says “Nokia’s Lumia 920 is sculpted, but also heavy and bulky.”

The much hyped 8.7MP PureView camera seems to be a bit of a mixed bag as well.  While apparently capable of taking great pictures, especially in low light, it is short on options and has a fairly steep learning curve.

The Lumia 920 looks like it’s a nice device, but is it enough to sway Android and iOS users to WP8?


Engadget has its review up and it echoes the sentiments of the other two.


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