[News] New York Times interview with Google exec John Lagerling talks all things Nexus

The New York Times published an interesting interview with Android’s Director of Business Development, John Lagerling, this morning.  In it, he discusses a bit of the strategy behind the Nexus brand of devices from Google, as well as diving into some of the reasons behind their pricing structure for the new devices.  I love how there’s no names of brands mentioned…just “the Cupertino guys.”  One of the points in the article I found particularly interesting is clipped below:

Q – “Where does Motorola stand in all this? You haven’t used them yet for the Nexus program.”
A – “They stand where Sharp would stand, or Sony would stand or Huawei would stand.  From my perspective as a partnership director, they are another partner.  We are really walled between the Motorola team and the Android team.  They would bid on doing a Nexus device just like any other company.”

Top to bottom:  Nexus 4, Nexus 7, and Nexus 10

So even though Google owns the company, Motorola is put on the same playing field as all other OEMs when it comes to Nexus product manufacturing.  The “wall” between the companies is often referred to, but its hard to believe this actually exists.  Hey, its a phone maker and a phone software maker, owned by the same group…but they don’t work together on anything.  Wait…what?

In any event, its definitely worth the read if you are an Android fan…so go check out the full article here

*Source:  The New York Times

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