[News] Samsung reports Galaxy S3 has sold 30 million units

The Samsung Galaxy line, in particular the Galaxy S3, have all sold really well.  But according to the latest sales figures reported by Samsung itself, the GS3 is their most popular phone ever, selling 30 million devices in 157 days.  That’s 191,083 a day for those of you playing along at home.  That’s….a lot of phones.  No question this was the home run that Samsung was looking for when they released the phone, but based on sales figures from the previous phones in the Galaxy line, I think if you’d said 30 million phones in a little over 5 months, people would have thought you were crazy.

Regardless, this Android phone is one of the best on the market for sure.  Those thinking about making a phone purchase before the end of the year should give the Galaxy S3 a serious look.  Unless you’re into HTC…in which case the so-called HTC “Deluxe” or “Droid DNA” might be worth a look as well (see details here).

*Source:  Droid Life


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