[News] Joint Verizon and HTC event announced for November 13th

New York city has been hard hit recently, but that apparently isn’t going to stop Verizon and HTC from announcing a joint venture at 11:00am on November 13th (Tuesday, a week from today) there.  The best guess so far is the “official” outing of the HTC “DLX” which apparently will debut on Big Red as the HTC Droid DNA (perhaps the single most cheesy name for a mobile phone, ever).

What’s not cheesy is the specs on this monster – not the least of which is that 5 inch 1080p resolution display.  For more details on the rumored HTC superphone that we loved calling the Deluxe, go here.

More pics below – but I guess we’ll all be waiting for next Tuesday’s official unveiling.


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