[News] Blackberry 10 debut officially scheduled

According to The Next Web’s Daily Dose, RIM has officially announced a launch date for their Blackberry 10 operating system as associated devices:  January 10, 2013.  This falls in line with RIM’s own admissions that the debut of their new OS and hardware would come in Q1 of 2013.  Most Blackberry enthusiasts were probably hoping for sooner rather than later, but hey its on the books at least.

Going into next year and missing the holiday rush is probably not going to do wonders for RIM’s sales numbers.  However, doing anything to right the ship could help RIM’s failing stock prices significantly.  I’m sure the whole world will be anxiously awaiting the end of January to see what Blackberry 10 has in store for us.

*Source:  TNW’s Daily Dose

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