[News]Verizon to officially announce HTC DROID DNA tomorrow, November 20th release date likely

Verizon will officially announce the HTC Droid DNA tomorrow at 11:00 EST in New York.

The technical specifications for the DNA are as follows:

Release Date: November 20th
Carrier(s): Verizon
Price: $199.99 on contract
CPU/GPU: Quad-Core Snapdragon S4 Pro/Adreno 320
Screen: 5″ Super LCD-3 (RGB) 1920x1080p
Camera: 2.1MP(Fr)/8MP/1080p@30fps
Memory: 2GB
Storage: 16GB/32GB
SD Card Slot: No
Battery: Non-Removable/2500mah

The rumored November 20th date seems to be confirmed based on the post to the right from Verizon’s official Google+ page.

Many potential buyers will be cross shopping the DNA with the Samsung Galaxy Note 2.  The DNA has a slightly better CPU and GPU, is made of more premium materials, and has a much higher resolution screen.  It also has a smaller non-removable battery though.

The Note 2 has a larger screen, a bigger/removable battery, an SD card slot, S-Pen and some cool proprietary features like multi-window.

If the battery holds up the DNA is a very compelling device, but I have my doubts and that’s why I’m still leaning towards the Note 2.

What do you guys think, Note 2 or Droid DNA?


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