[News] Analyst claims only 3-4 smartphone companies are generating profits

In what is surely seen as bad news for quite of few companies, an analyst from Asymco by the name of Horace Dediu tweeted this morning that he believes only 3 smartphone manufacturers are actually turning a profit:  Apple, HTC, and Samsung.  LG also is turning a teeny-tiny profit, if you can call  a 0.01% of the 3rd quarter profits “making money.”  Apple and Samsung are the real players here, with HTC sneaking in with 1% of the reported profits, behind Apple’s 60% share and Samsung’s 39% share.  Plus or minus the usual margin of error, of course.  Monopolies in the tech market tend to reduce innovations, so here’s to hoping that other companies like Nokia, RIM, and LG can turn things around with new offerings at the end of this year, or early in 2013.

*Source:  BGR 


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