[News] Popular Science names Google Now "Innovation of the Year"

Google Now, the feature built into Android that works to predict and display info you might find useful, has been named by Popular Science as their “Innovation of the Year.”  There are those who claim that Google Now’s constant searching of your phones information is overly intrusive.  As an Android user myself, I can tell you there are loads of ways this feature has come in very handy in my personal life.  With the recent updates to the Google Search feature preparing for the release of Android 4.2, the cards Google Now provides are more timely and informative than ever.  You can also now use certain voice commands, although this I would label as still a “work in progress.”

Any Android users out there love Google Now?  Hate it?  Think its just more ways for the government to get past our tin foil hats to steal our personal info?  Personally I don’t think the government cares that much about me or my life, but hey – other folks may feel differently.  Sound off how you feel in the comments!

*Source:  Droid-Life


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