[News] Samsung porting Galaxy Note features to S3

Based no doubt on the success of the Galaxy Note 2 and its many innovative (read: cool) features, Samsung has announced on their blog that some of these features will be coming to the Galaxy S3 phone as well.  These features will likely include Multi-Window and Page Buddy, two of the more useful of the Galaxy Note 2’s software bundle.  Multi-Window is just that, allowing multiple windows open on the screen running different apps.  Page Buddy is more along the lines of “smart actions” by executing certain commands based on related actions (launching your music player if you were to plug in headphones for example).

The size of the Galaxy S3 makes this an almost no brainer, and makes a great phone even more versatile and functional.  Now…the bad news.  So its pretty much being released by Samsung as the “Premium Software Suite” and will be available in the international market first.  And then it would be up to the individual carriers at some point to make it available to those in the U.S. market.  Sounds like it won’t be hitting anyone around here anytime soon.  But still…hope is a good thing.  And Samsung gets props from me for even offering this suite to begin with.  Good on you Sammy!

*Source: BGR


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