[Rumor] Google and Motorola working on "X phone"

As noted in one of my fearless predictions for next year (see the whole list here) I theorized that the next Nexus phone would be produced by a joint Google and Motorola venture.  Since Google owns Moto, that’s no small thing…but since Samsung, HTC, and now LG have all had their shot – I’m thinking it just makes sense if Motorola gets a shot at it.  And it looks like we might be well on our way to that future – if reports from the Wall Street Journal are true.  The rumored device, the so-called “X Phone” would be made by a super secret division within Motorola, and sanctioned by Google, to produce the next generation smartphone so that it can be released in 2013.

I for one am hoping for the unlocked, quad core, 3500mAh, LTE toting beast all Android smartphone lovers have been waiting for since LTE was introduced, but hey – this is just a rumor and could be darn near anything at this point.  Even something crappy.  So we’ll all just have to wait and see.

*Source:  Droid-Life


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