[Rumor] Could this be the HTC M7?

Its early in 2013, and the rumors are now starting to flow like wine at a Bacchan revel – the latest is a supposed photo of HTC’s new flagship smartphone, the M7.  Sporting a look that could mildly remind one of the earlier iPhone iterations, the latest pic from @evleaks shows some very interesting things about the new device.

The below pic shows an interest placement of speakers (both at the top and bottom) and no physical buttons anywhere seen.  The edge to edge display has promise, and its rumored 4.7″ size should make a great viewing experience.  There’s the sensors on the left and the front facing camera on the ride side, and not much more.  Who knows if this will end up being the final version of the actual device, but the real meat of the rumor is that the device is close enough to release that it will be announced at the Mobile World Congress event taking place next month.  One can only assume that more “sneak peaks” will be coming in the very near future as we get closer to a potential launch date.  Enjoy!

*Source: BGR


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