[News]Qualcomm RF360: The Holy Grail of LTE modems?

The Qualcomm RF360 is the modem we’ve been waiting for, the Holy Grail of LTE !  Why is that you might ask?  Because it’s the first modem that covers all global LTE frequencies – 40 in all.

Why is that important to you?  The answer is that the RF360 would allow Google to make a subsidized Nexus, or Motorola X-phone that would work on any carrier’s LTE network.  Google’s goal of being able to free customers from expensive carrier contracts and offering cheap unsubsidized phones that work on any network may finally be a reality.

Google I/O starts on May 15th and the Motorola X-phone is expected to be announced.  Hopefully it will be the first global LTE smartphone.  Would it be too much to hope that Google sells it directly through the Play Store at the same price points as the Nexus 4?  Hey, we can dream, right?

EDIT: Apparently it won’t be available in any products until the second half of the year, which may be too late for the X-Phone 😦


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