Everything changes – and so are we

I’ll cut to the chase – while we’ve been a little spotty with talking tech these last few months (and with good reasons; one of us had twins and the other moved to a new home) its time for things to change around here.  There’s loads going on in the world of tech, and we want to share all the things we love with you, the audience of the internets.

So, to that end, the Two Tech Geeks are becoming Silicon Theory.  All devices (mobile phones, laptops, tablets, and everything in between) run on silicon microchips – so Silicon for all the things we know, love, review, and give our opinions on.  Theory for the idea that most of what we do is predicated on us discussing “what if we got this phone?” or “what tablet is right for you?” or…literally, whatever.  So its more or less the theory of all things silicon related.  I hope that makes sense – if not, we’ve got you.  Our purpose, our very reason for being, is to take things that seem complicated – like what your next cell phone purchase should be – and make it a bit easier.  Hey, we were doing all these things IRL anyway, so why not make it official?  I’m hoping that we can have articles published on a variety of things 2-3x a week, and then have the Silicon Theory Podcast drop every 2 weeks.  Yes, a podcast.  Hopefully since you’ve enjoyed reading what we write, you’ll also enjoy hearing what we have to say.  Look for the podcast to be coming soon…more details when I’ve got them.  You can email us questions or comments to silicontheory@gmail.com and you can also find Silicon Theory on both Twitter and Instagram now, with @silicontheory our names on both of them.  Feel free to tweet us or comment on ‘the Gram when you see us.

For everyone that’s been with us on this journey, thanks!  We appreciate you.  We hope you’ll like what’s next as well.


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