[Rumors] What’s coming up next?

While we enter a bit of a doldrums phase, what with most of the early device launches over and Google I/O recently ending.   That doesn’t mean there is a shortage of phones coming on the horizon though…some of them are even shaping up to be pretty cool.

While we work up our 2016 Buyers Guide for the first half of the year, check out some of the latest rumors of what’s to come…

Moto Z (Moto X 2016)

It looks like Motorola via Lenovo will be coming out with some wild stuff.  Whether its good or bad remains to be seen, but first we had the info on the new Moto G devices, and now the latest talk is that the Moto X line will be replaced by the Moto Z.  AndroidPIT has some info and a few pics here. Whether or not this is going to be as solid a phone as the Moto X Pure Edition was in 2015 remains to be seen…but one thing is for sure – Lenovo is doing things with Motorola that no one saw coming.

OnePlus 3

For a startup who’s motto is “Never Settle,” OnePlus has made some unusual choices in their devices.  The OnePlus 1 was an intriguing device, and the OnePlus 2 went to a different place, removing NFC and wireless charging but sporting a USB-C connection port.  Android Authority did a great comparison of the 2 devices head to head here, a solid read on what OnePlus has done before.  While their device releases have mostly been a mixed bag of annoying and downright embarrassing, the OnePlus 3 rumors paint a picture of a solid device that can be a great value.  We are rapidly approaching their launch announcement, and some details can be found via TechRadar at this link.  While the design leaks have it looking like a HTC 10 clone, OnePlus does have a track record of putting out devices that sport some really nice features and a really good price point.

Samsung Note 6

If you’re a fan of the Note line from Samsung, as my partner Sean P is, you’ll probably be REALLY excited for the rumors about the upcoming Note 6.  Taking some of the best features of the terrific Galaxy S7 line, and making it bigger and badder can’t be terrible, right?  Things like a 4000mah battery, a whopping 6GB of RAM, and IP68 water resistance are just a start.  There are even rumors of as many as 4 versions of this guy floating around.  Check out some of the details from Forbes here.   Even more rumors can be found from Android Authority at this link.

So there you have it…some great rumors about some upcoming devices.  We’ll probably touch a bit more on these in an upcoming Silicon Theory Podcast, so keep an eye out for more news on that to come.


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