[News] We have a OnePlus 3 on order!

As was mentioned in the latest episode of the podcast, we have a OnePlus 3 device on order for a friend of the pod, and will have it in house in the next week to do a quick testing and review on.  If you haven’t heard of OnePlus, then their business model of making a high end Android phone at a VERY reasonable price point might shock you.  There are some early reviews out in the wild already, and by and large, the press on this device is quite good.

Look for that to be coming soon!  Another device we discussed in the “Rumor Roundup” was the Moto Z, and Moto Z Force – as this will be a Verizon exclusive for quite a while, we won’t be doing a review on the device – but we do have some additional thoughts after the official announcement.  Look for those in the next few days as well.
Have a great weekend!


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