[News] Google’s Pixel phone starts to show up

It appears that on October 4th, we are going to see the unveiling of the newest phone offered by Google – and we anticipate these will be the Pixel and Pixel XL.  If you’ve caught the latest Silicon Theory Podcast, you’ve heard a little bit about the upcoming device.  Now, for the first time, we get to take a look at some renders and some alleged pictures.

First, there is now some scale to determine what size the phones are going to be.  They are compared with the latest Google phones (the previous Nexus devices, the 5X and 6P) and also with the iPhone and iPhone Plus devices.  This gives us a really good idea of what to expect in the form factor of the new devices…I for one am very excited.

The Pixel and XL are both a bit of a downsize from their previous incarnations, but with choice comes the ability decide which of a smaller or larger device works for you as the end user.  The next picture is the rumored device in white.  The bezels and the unique design of the back are on full display, with the typical “love it or hate it” inducing Mr. Blurry Cam shots:

The rear mounted fingerprint sensor (also seen on the 5X and 6P) is seen, along with a camera module next to what appears to be a large LED flash (far left) and some other sensors (to the right of the camera module) – the fact that the camera module appear to be flush mounted in the rear of the device is a big plus that I think a lot of folks will like from a style standpoint.
What do you think about Google’s design choices for their Pixel and Pixel XL devices?  


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