[News] Early reviews of the Google Pixel are in…

And so far, I think its safe to say that things are looking up for Google.  Like they needed any help?  But still, the high price point and “internet hates” that the Pixel and Pixel XL seemed to be getting hasn’t stopped it from selling out on the Google Play Store.
If you are into Android, and thinking about getting a new device, check out the below to read up on what the first week or so has been like for those lucky sites getting review units (most reviews are of the Pixel XL that I’ve seen, so take the battery comments with a grain of salt)

Here’s where you should start:

And if that isn’t enough to convince you, then well….I don’t know what would be (or why you’d even be reading this website article in the first place) – So there you have it!  We’ll have a review of the Pixel XL ourselves up in the next week or so as the review unit comes in and we get a chance to test things like battery life, camera quality, and overall look and feel as well.  Keep an eye out for that coming soon!

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