[News] Google Home in store; Daydream View to follow this week

Two more pieces of Google hardware are in the process of being released this week – the first of which is the Google Home product, which should be in stores as of now.  This Amazon Echo competitor is the first foray of the new Google Assistant software into a home environment.  The Google Home is being touted as the tip of the spear with respect to Google’s Smart Home suite, which will also include the yet to be released Google WiFi product (and also work conjunction with the Pixel phones released last month)
Coming up next: the Daydream View VR headset, a demo of which can already be seen in most Verizon stores near the Pixel and Pixel XL displays.  It’s a comfy looking cotton wrapped pair of goggles that when used with a Pixel (or other Daydream compatible smart phone) will allegedly transport you to far away places,  allow you a more immersive movie experience, and also play more realistic games.  I believe it should be in stores starting Thursday.
We’ll have a review of the Daydream View device as soon as it comes in…as part of the Pixel promotion, we are getting one free.  Yay!  Stay tuned for more details.  As always, if you have any tech questions you want answered, hit our inbox up at silicontheory@gmail.com

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