[News] Android users should check out Google’s new app – PhotoScan

Google made a sneaky low-key announcement today, via their blog about a standalone app called “PhotoScan” – and what it does is in the name.  It is a photo scanning app that uses that camera of your smartphone to scan your physical photos and then (more importantly) back them up, either to Google Photos or to a backup service of your choice.
For Android users; if you aren’t already using Google Photos to back up your smartphone pictures automatically, start.  Like, today.  I mean it.  Don’t risk losing those pictures and videos of your family and friends when your phone takes a bath or crashes or (heaven forbid) runs out of room.  And if you are like me and lived a life pre-digital photos and have a bunch of pictures or Polaroids or whatever laying around, try this app and see if you like it.  Personally, I’d much rather have a low resolution copy of the photos and memories than no copy at all.  Check it out!

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