[News] Verizon brings back unlimited data plans

Yes, you read the headline correctly and yes, you are seeing this logo correctly.  As most readers of our site will know, both Sean P. and I both have a well earned disdain for the largest mobile carrier in the U.S. and aren’t afraid to let it show.  One of our biggest criticisms was their forced migration of customers off of old school unlimited data plans.  As of Monday, things done changed.

One of the reasons I left Verizon (after many years) was because of their borderline harassment of those people including myself who had legacy unlimited data plans – because it was very much in favor of the consumer, and not the giant mega-corporation.  Out of nowhere and to many people’s surprise, Verizon made an announcement over the weekend that “you asked – we listened” and were bringing back the option to have a plan that offers “unlimited” data.  I put unlimited in quotes because there are a few restrictions on the plans – both Droid-Life and Android Police did a pretty good and thorough write up on what to expect if you are looking into one of these newly offered plans.  To get the skinny, look here for the DL review and here for the AP one.

Check those out, and check out the newest episode of the Silicon Theory podcast as well!


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