I love tech: Tapet

20170417_104300~2I’m the kind of guy who has to have a new home screen wallpaper every day.  With the QHD display of my Pixel XL serving as a terrific backdrop for just about any kind of wallpaper you might choose, I chose to look for something simple, minimalistic, and would match my oh-so-important color palette.  I think it was Sean P. who actually introduced me to Tapet, and boy am I glad he did.  This is I love tech:  Tapet!

The beauty of Tapet is that it can be as simple or as complex as you want it to be.  It’s main selling point is the seemingly endless supply of mathematically generated Material Design wallpapers.  This allows for a constant stream of similar but different backgrounds for whatever app theme you have going on.  If you love Google’s design language, and having a wide variety of wallpapers to choose from, Tapet might be for you.

Screenshot_20170417-104848From the apps main menu, you get the ability to dial in the specific patterns and colors you want to be generated for you.  The freeware version allows you a good variety of both to choose from; the premium (paid) version unlocks more patterns as well as giving you access to new ones as they become available.  You can alter the frequency with which you see each pattern as well; a simple slider will allow you to set either more or less often.  And while I’ve paid for the full version, there are patterns even I don’t enjoy, so I dial those down, and dial up those that I prefer more.  There are even seasonal patterns (Halloween  displays pumpkins and skulls, Christmas is filled with gifts and trees) which make a nice change of pace during the year, if you’re into such things.

You can allow the theme engine to choose the colors of the patterns for you, or you choose your own color combos.  As I’m a creature of habit (and we all have colors we tend to prefer, right?) I have picked about 18 color combos I like, and so Tapet gives me those specific ones in different patterns.  It allows me to have a good variety without getting too boring, but also gives me something that is pleasing to my eye and goes well with the stock Pixel Launcher and icon pack.


You can set the intervals after which the wallpapers randomize; anything from 1 minute to weekly.  I have mine set to daily, and its pretty awesome to wake up every morning to a fresh new background gracing my home screen.  You can “like” a specific wallpaper, to allow you access to it again at any point, and every wallpaper generated resides in your “history” tab so you can revisit anything from the past whenever you want.  The paid version also gives you access to effects, like a darker top or bottom overlay, blurs and vignette effects, as well as specific textures to give you the ability to complete your wallpaper look and make sure you get what you want out of it.

As an Android user, you have a number of different options to customize your device to your liking.  There are probably too many choices out there when it comes to wallpaper generators – I love Tapet for all the reasons above, and while I don’t often pay for apps, this one is worth it.

Google Play link


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