Monday morning briefing

8026351Here are some of the things that were interesting to me from over the weekend (or very early this morning) – this will be in the spirit of the the Silicon Theories features, where we highlight a few things and then explore them in depth at a later time.  Please enjoy!

  • The Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus just came out…and we’re already talking about the next ones:  rumors are starting to surface about the Galaxy S9 and its supposed inclusion of the newest Snapdragon processor (labeled the S845 for now) and while interesting, some of this is just plain bad news.  We’ve talked about how we feel about the Qualcomm/Samsung partnership putting other OEMs in a bad way on the podcast, and I think this could set a very bad precedent.  If other OEMs have to either 1) wait for the latest and greatest chips for their phones until AFTER Samsung gets them or 2) released with last year’s silicon, it puts most at a competitive disadvantage.  See:  LG and HTCs phones from this year.  Good for business – maybe?  Good for the consumer – probably not.

  • What to make of the latest iPhone X rumors are anyone’s guess:  over the weekend, these leaks of schematics came out and many people (including us) had the pics redistributed via various social media channels (see our Instagram feed if you  like for those) and I was skeptical (and said so in our post) – but there was a sense of caution that also went out after these pics started circulating.  Noted leaker OnLeaks (as well as some folks at Android Authority) believe these might be fakes, or at the very least very early renders that could be subject to change very soon.  I guess the moral of the story is – a healthy dose of skepticism is warranted until the phone or phones are actually announced.


  • More Pixel 2 rumors regarding release dates and features are circulating:  This link here from points to some interesting (and troubling) information about the next devices from Google.  Things like a dual curved display (like the new Galaxy S8 devices), water and dust resistance, and custom processors are pretty cool – but something else out there is also that isn’t so cool is Google might be removing the 3.5mm headphone jack from their next device.  I’m on the record and saying this isn’t a good idea and is in fact a bad one.  Some folks have even gone so far as to call it “user hostile” and I tend to agree.  Let’s hope this is just a early pre-production device and that we all don’t have to lose our wired headphones in favor of buying new ones for planned obsolescence reasons.

There’s your Monday Briefing…hit up our inbox at if you have any comments or have topics you’d like to see covered in the next Briefing!


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