Google confirms 2 and 3 year software support timeline for their Pixel phones

Google has recently updated their “end of life” page, which details how long owners of the specific Google branded or made devices can expect software support.  This is useful for both buyers and current owners, as it gives a good idea of when you might want to consider investing in a new phone if software support and security patches are things that matter to you.

The page now contains information on the Pixel line of devices (phone by Google) which indicates that software OS updates (the newer versions of Android itself) will continue for both the Pixel and Pixel XL through October of 2018.  Security patches for the current version of Android running on the device at the time will continue through October of 2019.  This lines up with what was disclosed at the Pixel launch announcement, but its also good to see it published on Google’s website for the world to see.

The page also details the end of life dates for Nexus, Android One, and Google Play Edition devices, and if you own one of these, and watch to check those dates out, head over to this Google Support Page and see for yourself.


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