The Fitbit Alta – a worthy upgrade

20170507_101801Looking to replace your standard Fitbit with something that’s got a few more features and a few more accessories?  Then the Fitbit Alta may be for you.  The designs are similar, the functionality is virtually identical, and you also get an integrated display that allows you see the time and other pieces of info.  It costs a little more, but if you can find a deal on one (as I did) I think you’d likely enjoy what the Alta has to offer.

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Google I/O 2017 Highlights (all of them)

As I mentioned recently on the Silicon Theory podcast covering Google I/O 2017, there was a lot of ground covered by Google during their annual software developers conference.  For those that weren’t satisfied by just what we talked about (what really interested us) from the event, and want it all, you can check out the following:

Android Police does pretty good write ups…check them out here

Droid-Life was there too – read Kellen and Tim’s write up here

The Verge has a funky timeline of events, but a great 10 minute video included here

Android Authority is always solid – you can peep their recap here

That’s probably enough Android geekiness to satisfy the most intense craving.  If you haven’t already, make sure you check out our podcast recapping what we felt was interesting to us (or mostly to me, as Sean P spent 80% of his time making fun of me) on your favorite audio platform –  iTunes, Google Play Music, SoundCloud


New podcast episodes are live!


We’ve got not 1 but 2 new episodes of the Silicon Theory podcast uploaded and ready to go for you – we talk about both of the major events from last week; the launch announcement of the new flagship from HTC, and the Google I/O 2017 event.

You can find us on your favorite podcast app, or also – iTunes, Google Play Music, SoundCloud– happy listening, and be sure to subscribe and leave us a review on iTunes and tell us how much you love us (we like that kind of thing)



HTC announces the U11 smartphone


HTC today announced their newest flagship device, the HTC U11.  Building on the base of both the HTC 10 and the HTC U Ultra devices, the U11 at first blush appears to sport some of the best features of both.  If you are a Sprint (or potentially Verizon) user, this could be a phone that might interest you a great deal.  Click thru the jump for more details…

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Google I/O 2017 starts this week!


In all the hustle and bustle of the weekend, I didn’t remember that the Google I/O event starts this Wednesday.  After I gave myself a slap upside the head, I got really, really excited.  Google I/O is mostly a software developers conference, and it centers around not only the Android operating system itself, but all of the component apps in the Google ecosystem.  If you are (like me) heavily invested in using Google services, this is one of the major events of the year.

On the schedule to be discussed (among countless other things no doubt) will be the Keynote Address, What’s New in Android, What’s New in Google’s IoT (internet of things) Platform, and Office Hours with Google Brain (on machine learning) – and that’s just the first day alone.  This is a 3 day long event with tons of stuff packed in.

Check out the whole schedule here and we will be covering the whole event with a special edition podcast later on this week.  Stay tuned for all of the Google things as they are announced!

YouTube TV adds channels to its service, including AMC, IFC, & BBC America


Subscribers to Google’s YouTube TV service (which includes me) received an email today detailing a channel updating, bringing several new channels into the fold.  This includes AMC (for you Walking Dead superfans), BBC America, and IFC among others.   As many had hoped at launch, Google has made an effort to make their new television service more robust with more options.  The next level would be to tier out their current pricing structure to give consumers even more options (rather than the current “bundled” model) to allow even more flexibility.  But now your $35/monthly subscription fee buys you quite a few more channels than it did before.

If you want some more details, or if you live in one of the 5/6 major metro areas that offer the service, head over to the YouTube TV site to check it out or sign up.

Podcast Episode 27 – May Rumor Roundup


The latest episode of the Silicon Theory podcast is here, and we talk all of the rumors from May so far surrounding devices from OEMs including: OnePlus, Motorola, and even Apple.  Check it out and be sure to subscribe on your favorite platform.  If you listen via iTunes, after you subscribe be sure to leave a 5 star review!  Thanks for listening!

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Feature – The best phone(s) for the money


I get asked pretty regularly about the phone that I use, and what phones I’d recommend most people to buy.  So that got me to thinking – what are the phones I’d recommend to most people?  And the first question is usually “what is your budget?”  The good news is that there are options for folks in just about every price range.  So, what is the best phone you can get for your money?  Let’s explore…

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Amazon to offer new Echo Show device

Today, Amazon announced that they will sell a new device in the Echo line, with their Alexa AI built in, that will also feature an LCD screen to allow for additional features.  Some of this list of new features will include: video and audio calling, displaying song lyrics when used with a streaming music service, and displaying photos from your library (if you use the Amazon Photos service)

The device will cost approximately $229 at launch and should be available by the end of June.  You can watch this demo video of some of the Echo Show’s features or take a quick look at the recap from James Vincent of the Verge here.   Dan Siefert of the Verge also had a neat write up on how the Echo Show might change how and when we use video calling in our daily lives.  Pics of the device are below.

Once more info is known about the device, we’ll have some updates!  Cheers!