New podcast: Galaxy S8 Plus Not Quite Review

mic2The latest episode of the Silicon Theory Podcast is uploaded and we take on the Galaxy S8 Plus.  Since there’s already a ton of coverage on the S8 series, we wanted to approach it from a different angle, and one I think you’ll enjoy.  You can find us on iTunes, Google Play Music, and Soundcloud.  Enjoy, and subscribe today!

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OEM Stock Watch 2017 – part 2


This is part 2 of our feature on OEM Stock Watch 2017.  If you haven’t already, make sure you go back and check out part 1 to get our feelings on how the other major OEMs are doing this year.  Once you’ve done that, click on through to read part 2!  Part 2 covers what my (Shawn) thoughts are on the rest of the OEMs; Sean P. will have his parts coming in a special part 3 (as soon as his RL work stuff calms down a bit)

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V-Moda M100s Video Review

Video Review

For those who were looking for a bit more detail on the headphones I just reviewed, feel free to check out the video version of the review linked above.  Or, you can click the YouTube link under “Social” – the links to the right of this post – and it will take you to our channel, and you can view all our videos there.

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V-Moda M-100 Review


I’ve owned more headphones in my time than I care to admit. Right now, I have a few different pairs of headphones in my bag that serve different needs. I have a pair of Earpods from Apple for quick trips, my Beats Studio Wireless (which I talked about here) for when I want to be mobile and avoid the tangle of cords, and then there’s the last pair – my V-Moda M-100s. My favorite pair, I break them out when I really want to crank the music up. There are a lot of reasons I keep them in my bag – below are a few of them.

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[Rewind] How wireless carriers are bringing about the “datapocolypse”

In light of the recent (and on-going) issues surrounding net neutrality and the FCC’s role in our wired and wireless broadband future, I wanted to repost this article from 4 years ago (if you can believe it) – a lot of what I talked about is still in play today.  Please enjoy!  We, as smartphone fans and users, are moving into a very unique time in our history.  Mobile usage of smartphones (and other mobile devices like laptops and tablets) has increased the demand for mobile wireless broadband to astronomical levels.  Mobile carriers are providing this service to consumers, and are seeing profits skyrocket as users are removed from so-called unlimited plans onto more carrier friendly (and profitable) tiered data plans.  No longer do consumers need unlimited calling plans – they need bigger and bigger data packages.  This shift to mobile consumption of data by users on such a large scale and the incredible price gouging of consumers by voice and data providers is moving us towards a state of what I’d refer to as the “datapocolypse” –  where the demand for data is so great and the cost of getting it is so much that (as the saying goes) something’s gotta give.

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