Photos is the Pixel’s iMessage lock-in

With the recent launch of the OnePlus 5, I was giving very strong consideration to selling my Pixel XL and picking up the new OnePlus device with the proceeds.  The specs on the OnePlus 5 are fantastic, but the more thought I gave the idea, the more I realized one thing – I can’t give up one of the main benefits of being a Pixel owner; that being the automatic and full resolution back up of my photos.

Padlock Icon On Computer Screen Showing Safety Security And ProtectedThere are many people who say that they want to make the switch from an iPhone to an Android device, but end up not doing it because of one app – iMessage.  It’s so much better and easier to use than anything that Android currently has to offer and so omnipresent that it becomes the single reason to keep people “locked into” the Apple ecosystem.  This is the “lock-in” effect many people commonly refer to with Apple and their iMessage product.  Turns out Pixel owners may also have a lock-in; Google Photos.  Let’s explore why.

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Review – Amazon Dash Wand w/Alexa


Amazon has many many hardware products that they make and want to sell you.  From Kindles to Echo speakers, Amazon is involving themselves in just about every business segment you can imagine.  So when they released the Dash Wand with Alexa built it, it seemed like just another way for you to order stuff from Amazon instead of someone else.  But is it really that simple?  And does the Dash Wand have a useful purpose in your daily life?  Let’s explore what the Dash Wand is and what it does a bit more.

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Episode 32 – OnePlus 5 Discussion

microphone-glyph-icon_Gk4HHa8O_LThe latest episode of the Silicon Theory podcast is now uploaded and available.  We discuss the launch announcement of the new device from OnePlus, the OnePlus 5.  Is this a “flagship killer?”  Is this something that every Android enthusiast should buy?  What the heck is the OnePlus 5?  We answer all these questions and more in the pod.  You can find it on your favorite platform – Silicon Theory podcast – iTunes, Google Play Music, SoundCloud


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OnePlus 5 to launch (Tuesday) 6/20


*Quick Note:  due to our error, the OnePlus was reported as launching Monday, when the 20th is in fact Tuesday.  Sorry for the confusion.

The newest offering from phone OEM OnePlus is scheduled to be unveiled officially on Monday.  I say officially since as most of you probably have seen, there have been many leaks surrounding this device.  The latest have the starting price point for the 6GB RAM/64GB storage model coming in at a modest $479.  For what you are rumored to be getting, this is a pretty terrific value. Continue reading

Amazon to buy Whole Foods chain for more than 13 billion dollars


Amazon has a “Whole” lot of reasons to smile today…as they are going to purchase the health and organic focused food chain for a rumored 13.7 billion dollars.  While this might not seem a natural fit, as those shopping on Amazon are usually looking for deals, and those shopping at Whole Foods know that there is a premium to be paid for healthy living, there are good reasons for this purchase.  Amazon’s grocery business, Amazon Fresh, will no doubt be bolstered by this move, and its likely that Whole Foods may become an outlet for other Amazon goods and services.

The “Alexa, buy me Whole Foods” jokes aside, the fact that Amazon has the ability to make an all cash offer for a chain as big as Whole Foods (with over 400 locations in the US alone) speaks to how successful they have been as a business model and this purchase can only enhance their ability to deliver on their “everything from A to Z” promise.  Those who shop at Whole Foods should see no immediate changes, as it sounds like the corporate structure there will remain intact for now.  Although if you show up at your local Whole Foods location and there are drones flying out of it, don’t be alarmed.  A pic of Jeff Bezos arranging the deal is below.

Businessman with briefcase of money

Of course this isn’t real….but it could be?


Google hires Apple chip designer to help get own custom CPUs up and running


It has long been rumored that Google was looking for a way to begin making their own custom CPUs to run their mobile handsets, and according to this article from Variety, it looks like they have taken their first step.  The hiring of Apple’s Manu Gulati to come and work for Google is a really big deal.  Gulati helped design the custom chipsets found first in the iPad released in 2010, and has worked in the CPU designing field for over 20 years at places like AMD and Broadcom.

This is a big directional shift for Goole, and one that could potentially pay off huge dividends on the long run for their mobile device performance.  We will provide more detail and insight as it becomes available.


Monday Briefing

Coming Soon On Smartphone Shows Arriving Products

It’s Monday, and there’s a lot going on in the world of tech.  Here’s a few things on the docket that are from this past weekend, or are coming soon that are very interesting.

  • The Essential phone will be coming to Sprint stores

ph_1_color_black_moon_copy_1000x1000First reported over the weekend, I saw this article from 9to5Google that caught my eye.  I had lamented with Sean P on the recent Silicon Theory podcast that we might not get a chance to try out in person the new mobile device from Essential until it finds its way into the hands of reviewers – but it looks like those interested can head on over to a Sprint store and get their hands on one.  As the exclusive carrier partner at launch, the idea of being able to get some hands on time with this phone before you buy it will make a large difference in the number of folks who might buy it.  It will work on any US carrier, so fear not – you won’t have to have Sprint service if you do decide to buy it.  A nice luxury of a $699 smartphone.

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