Carrier Discussion Follow-up Poll

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Since we have a recent podcast discussion about this, take the poll below and share with us where you bought your current mobile phone.  We will be having more discussions about carrier support for new phone OEMs in the near future, and will use the results then as well.


New Podcast – The Essential Phone Announcement & Carrier Support Discussion


Another new episode (#31) of the Silicon Theory podcast has been uploaded and its a doozy!  Sean P and I tackle the announcements from the newly formed Essential Products, Inc (including their new mobile phone) and then take a look at how phones that lack wireless carrier support in general can find a path to commercial success.

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New Podcast – Apple WWDC 2017 Recap

02937-mic2The newest episode of the podcast is live and ready for you to consume, content lovers!  Sean P. and I go over all the of announcement from Apple’s Developer Conference and discuss what we liked, didn’t like, and whether we liked the event more or less than Google’s I/O earlier this year.

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Apple’s Developer Conference starts today, June 5th


The world wide developer conference for Apple is 1 of the 2 big events that they will host every year, and the first one of 2017.  There will likely be several announcements regarding enhancements to iOS, macOS, and watchOS – and the word on the street says that there might even be some hardware updates announced as well.  There will be no iPhone announcement however, as it has its very own event later on this year.

We will have a special podcast covering all the major announcements from the event, and coverage on the site as well.  Stay tuned for all of it!


Can phones sold without US carrier backing find a path to success?

use a mobile phone

Earlier this week, Andy Rubin announced the start of a new mobile device company, called Essential.  They are going to be making a number of different consumer products, but foremost among them is their PH-1 smartphone, made with premium materials and costing a cool $699 retail and off contract.  Its the off contract part that is both intriguing and potentially disappointing, as Essential will launch their device using the direct-to- consumer model that other OEMs have used before.  The question we should be asking is not about phone specs or display size or battery capacity.  Its about whether or not a phone sold direct to consumers without any carrier presence can find a measure of success.  So far, the results are a mixed bag.  Let’s explore some of the reasons why a bit further.

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Motorola announces new phone and new “Moto mods”


Motorola (a Lenovo company) announced today the successor to their popular midrange device, the Moto Z Play – and they are calling it the Moto Z2 Play.  While I personally think this is the incorrect nomenclature (Z Play 2, anyone?) the announcement also came with a bit of drama, as the major selling point of the last Moto Z device was its great battery life due to a combination of large battery and great processor.  The new Z2 Play changes one of those features to the disappointment of some.

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