The V30 could be the best smartphone LG has ever produced


One of the big announcements from the IFA mobile tech event in Berlin today was the official unveiling of the LG V30, the latest flagship from Korean tech company.  And boy, was it a doozy.  Early info on the device from multiple sources is that it looks and feels well made, has a ton of features, and improves in some significant ways on their previous flagship the LG G6 (which is a fine phone in its own right) – in fact, it could very well be the best smartphone that LG has ever made.

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LG to feature “customized Hi-Fi audio experience” with upcoming V30

In a recent press release from LG, they are making a point of highlighting the audio experience that their new V30 mobile smartphone is scheduled to provide.  Included in the new features are digital filters and sound presets.  These should dramatically improve the audio being sent out via the headphone jack.

LG Electronics MobileComm USA V30-Hi-Fi-Quad-DAC

The LG V30 quad DAC and sound filter menus

We are very excited for the launch of the V30 – we hope to have a review unit soon and really put this device through its paces.  You can check out the official press release here and read up on one of the great features of this phone.  An official announcement is expected on August 31, 2017.

2nd new podcast – Episode 38, early reviews of the Essential Phone


And the second episode of the Silicon Theory podcast should now be available, and this one is a doozy.  We round up all the early reviews of the newly launched Essential phone and discuss what people are experiencing.  We also talk a bit about what the “stock” Android experience is like now, since that’s one of the more attractive features of this new device as well.

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New podcast – Episode 37, everything about the Galaxy Note 8


Greetings fellow tech seekers – the newest episode of the the Silicon Theory podcast is uploaded and should be available on all podcasting platforms shortly.  In it, Sean P and I give our take on the Galaxy Note 8 launch announcement, and what our thoughts are on this device including:  specs, what its place might be in the current Samsung line up, and if the phone is too bloody expensive.  Make sure you subscribe to the pod wherever you get your podcasts.  This is the 1st part of a 2 part pod…the 2nd part will be dropping soon!

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Review – UAG Plasma Case for Pixel XL


I’ll be clear – I’m very picky when it comes to my choice in smartphone cases.  I’ve owned more phones than I care to count at this point, and protecting my device is something I take pretty seriously.  As phone and phone displays have gotten larger, in stark contrast, I tend to prefer the more minimalistic cases.  These cases typically feature a smaller amount of protection, but allow you to retain more of the original look and feel of the device.  A single drop with my old Nexus 6P changed my outlook on all that however; and so I sought out more coverage and protection for my Pixel XL.  This Plasma case from UAG is a good compromise between protection and svelte style.

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Galaxy Note 8 to be made official on 08/23


We are very much looking forward to the anticpated launch of the Galaxy Note 8 tomorrow – much of this information has leaked already, and to be honest, its very much like the Galaxy S8 Plus so….there’s not a ton of news coming out.  For those of you who do still enjoy a nice S-Pen and are looking forward to Samsung’s take on a dual camera setup, stay tuned to us here at Silicon Theory as we will bring you all of the important stuff from the launch announcement.