Note 8 could launch as soon as Sept 15th overseas


Rumored Note 8 design

There were reports yesterday, including this one from Droid-Life, that the Note 8 might launch very soon indeed – just not in the US market.  The date that is running around right now is a September 15 launch in the Korean market, with a US launch coming sometime thereafter.  A September 15th launch for the US is also not out of the question.  It’s pretty common for even a large carrier (especially those from the Asian Markets) to release a phone early to its local clientele, and then bring it to market globally later on.  We are looking forward to this device’s launch, whenever it comes, and will have as much and as many details for you when it does.  But in the meantime, see our earlier post for all the leaked specs, and you can get a bit more info from our “5 minutes of tech” video from yesterday about it.


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