Weekend recap

So – there was an awful lot going on this week, so if you missed something, no big deal.  You came to the right place.  Here are a few things to get you caught up while its the weekend, so you’ll be ready to start Monday off on the right foot.


What a brave corporate logo!

  • We reviewed the Moto Z2 Play from Motorola – and also did a podcast review.  You can read the written one here
  • Or listen to the podcast by following on the these links: iTunes, Google Play Music, SoundCloud
  • MKBHD spend some hands on time with the unreleased RED HYDROGEN One phone, and put up a video – watch it at this link
  • More RED HYDROGEN One phone thoughts can be found here
  • Lastly, we started a new video series – watch “5 Minutes of Tech” here!

Have a great weekend everyone!


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