Review – UAG Plasma Case for Pixel XL


I’ll be clear – I’m very picky when it comes to my choice in smartphone cases.  I’ve owned more phones than I care to count at this point, and protecting my device is something I take pretty seriously.  As phone and phone displays have gotten larger, in stark contrast, I tend to prefer the more minimalistic cases.  These cases typically feature a smaller amount of protection, but allow you to retain more of the original look and feel of the device.  A single drop with my old Nexus 6P changed my outlook on all that however; and so I sought out more coverage and protection for my Pixel XL.  This Plasma case from UAG is a good compromise between protection and svelte style.


The Plasma series of cases is a 3 layer shell, sporting a combination of the more flexible TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) and more rigid PC (polycarbonate).  It slips on easily but snugly, and has a rugged look but with a high tech feel.  It’s easy to hold on the sides, due to the TPU “grips” being ridged in the right places.  The button overlays are plenty tactile and provide good feedback when pressing them.  I’ve not had any issues with fitment – the button placement, the camera cutout, the speaker and USB Type C cutouts are all aligned and placed properly.


UAG touts the impact protection from the Plasma case as exceeding miltary standards for drop protection, and there’s a fancy number ranting after that.  I’m not 100% sure I know what that means, but I can say this; I do feel comfortable that my device is protected well enough in this case that the same drop that gouged my 6P won’t harm my beloved Pixel XL.  You can visit Amazon or the UAG home site (links at the bottom) and read the reviews of real life folks who have had their devices protected by their UAG cases.  That’s good enough for me since I don’t plan on dropping my Pixel anytime soon.

The case also features a light weight honeycomb or hexagonal structure which UAG claims improves its weight to strength ratio and also gives the back part of its high tech look.  Its also got a raised lip on the front to lift your display off the desk and keep it safe from accidental face down scratches.  The black faux screws or “nubbins” as I like to call them not only give the esthetic a different look but they also add anti-skid protection when laying with the back down on a smooth surface.  The power button overlay is ridged to make it easier to find in the early morning or late evening dark times and the phone while sturdy looking and feeling doesn’t add a ton of extra bulk.

I’ve had standard TPU cases that were thinner, but couldn’t offer the amount of drop protection this this comes with.  I’m totally okay with the trade off in this instance, as the more cautious side of me knows that I’m likely to have this Pixel XL for a quite a long time.  And keeping it looking and working like new is one of my top priorities.  The Plasma case promises to do just that.


Protection such as UAG claims to offer doesn’t come cheap.  The Plasma case for the Pixel XL retails at $39.95 USD and Amazon currently carries it for $29.95 USD currently.  This is significantly more than I’d usually consider paying for a mobile device case, but in this instance I think the product that UAG is making is actually worth the money.  If you like the style and they have it available for your smartphone (which is likely, I was pleasantly surprised with their selection), this style case should be on your short list.

As the prices of smartphones rise, we should (and really need to) think of them as items we’ve invested in.  And as with any investment, you want to hedge your bets and avoid unnecessary risk. The UAG Plasma case for my Pixel XL is one I’d recommend; its now protecting my investment.  You should think about it protecting yours too.

Amazon link

UAG Home


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