Newest Version of Android announced – yes, its called Oreo

Screen Shot 2017-08-21 at 11.52.13 AM

The newest version of the Android operating system is here, and Android 8.0 will officially be known as “Oreo” – some of the feature highlights coming with this release are:

  • Adaptive notification dots
  • New icon shapes
  • Camera app updates
  • Font changes
  • Notification shade color change

We’ll have more info in the coming days, and a full work up when Android Oreo hits our Pixel XL…so stay tuned!  In the meantime here’s a link to the Android 8.0 official page with some of the key updates of this release.

Zhiyun Smooth Q Review


Now that I have had a chance to use the Smooth Q smartphone gimbal from Zhiyun-Tech for a little while, I wanted to share some thoughts on it.  While I knew very little about smartphone gimbals in general before getting my hands on this device, I managed to acquaint myself fairly quickly.  And there is a lot to like with this device.  Is it right for everyone though?  Read on and let’s discuss!

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Preview – UAG Plasma case for Google Pixel XL

IMG_20170816_133712I’ve got a few review cases from Urban Armor Gear that came to the office while I was on vacation, and both Sean P. and I will be reviewing the cases for our daily driver phones.  While I take a few days to get used to the case on my Pixel XL, I wanted provide a preview of what the case looks like, and give you a few of my first impressions.  Cases are a very subjective area, so I want to talk a bit about the pros and cons and then let you, the reader, form your own opinion as to whether or not its the right type of case for your phone.

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On Wednesday, Google Home actually became something worthwhile

google_ga3a00417a14_home_1297281Because one of the long rumored features of the device came to actually pass – you can (or will be able to soon, as its a phased rollout of this new feature) make outgoing phone calls from the Google Home device.  It’s not a perfect implementation just yet, and the calling features only work in the United States and Canada for now.  But it’s a start, and it finally is a compelling feature that makes the Home product a worthwhile buy.

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Galaxy S8 Active announced for pre-order on AT&T starting Aug 8th


For those who weren’t sold on the existing style or model of the Galaxy S8, Samsung has another option for you.  Their more ruggedized version of the Galaxy S8, called the Active series, should be available to pre-order starting tomorrow and available in AT&T stores starting Friday, August 11th.  It’s got the same 5.8″ display but shoved into a mil-spec water and drop resistant shell.  It also does not have the dual curved display that the normal Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus sport so those who didn’t care for that design element should check it out.

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Google Pixel 2 shown off again in new leak


Pixel 2 leaks from VentureBeat

Some additional leaked photos surfaced today about the smaller of the new Pixel 2 devices, which basically give us our best view yet of the upcoming device from Google.  While there are certain to be some things we aren’t aware of prior to the devices launch, at least its appearance and overall look won’t be one of them.  See the below for some more real world photos of the device.


Lots of stickers here!  And also I’m curious as to what the covering is on the bottom bezel of the device next to the speaker grille, but I guess we will know more given time.  Are you thinking about making the smaller Pixel your next phone?  Sound off in the comments below?

Source:  9to5Google





Chinese OEM Huawei to have US carrier presence in 2018

huawei_logo-4In a move that could surely cause waves with other carriers and mobile OEMs, Huawei appears to have entered into an agreement with AT&T to bring a flagship phone to their retail stores, starting early next year.  Sean P and I have talked about during the podcasts about how without a carrier presence in the US, most original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) don’t have a ton of sales success.

While Huawei has made some very solid value and flagship phones in recent years, their sales figures in the United States haven’t been as stellar as overseas.  This move is poised to start to change all that.  We will definitely be following this story as we get closer to 2018.