Report – HTC is going to sell its phone business to Google



Cited by Droid-Life, there is a report from DigiTimes that indicates that due to falling revenue (the lowest in 13 years apparently), HTC is finalizing the sale of its mobile phone operations to Google.  While Google used to own Motorola, that was several years ago and the Android landscape has shifted quite a bit since then.  As many of you might already know, Google had formed a partnership with HTC last year to produce the initial wave of Pixel devices, and is also going to be producing the Pixel 2 device (scheduled to be released this year, around October)

If realized, Google would now own a supply chain and manufacturing facility based in Taiwan with a nice track record of producing very solid hardware.  And while they have had some misses in the past (does anyone remember the U Ultra?) they have also had some hits, such as the U11, the HTC One series, and the aforementioned Pixel 2016 version.  Most Android fanboys would love the idea of HTC hardware mated with stock Google software.  We will follow this story to determine its accuracy.

Source(s): DigiTimes | via Droid-Life


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