Apple’s iPhone event is tomorrow – here’s a preview of what to expect


Apple has a HUGE event going on tomorrow, Tuesday 09/12/17 – we will likely see not 1, not 2, but 3 different iPhone models – this article will host not only the preview items you’ll see below, but we’ll also cover the major announcements from Tuesday as well.  Bookmark this page to make sure you stay up to date as the news unfolds.

There ARE likely to be 3 new iPhones

  • The latest rumors point to there being 3 devices announced tomorrow – the “refresh” devices which (instead of being called the “s” models) will be called the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, and the newest most innovate iPhone, called the iPhone X.  The X could be the roman numeral for 10 (since this is the iPhone’s 10th anniversary) or just because “iPhone X” sounds cool – we’re not 100% sure on that yet.  But there are some fun features rumored to be invested, such as augmented reality integration (via ARKit), wireless charging, and an improved camera and associated features.  We will know all of this for sure tomorrow of course.

Expect the iPhone X to cost $1,000.00

  • All the rumors point to a single thing:  the latest and greatest update to the iPhone is going to be our first true Thousand Dollar phone.  The details hint at a $999.00 price point, which of course will be north of a grand after taxes.  The Galaxy Note 8 also costs around here, but starts a bit below that $999 number (between $930-950 actually) so this isn’t “new” news, but I think quite a few people will still have some serious sticker shock over this price point.

Also, the iPhone X might not launch right away – and could be really hard to get after it does

  • Most of the talking points right now are that 1) because of the OLED screen shortages and 2) because of the premium materials and tight tolerances this new iPhone X will launch after the other 2 devices AND it will be in really short supply.  Some researchers feel that this might be enforced scarcity and (along with the price point) are designed to make it a bit easier on Apple’s supply chain to produce quality units while they are waiting for the screen production to catch up.  So, to those of you hoping to get one – good luck.  You’ll probably need it.

We might very well see a new Apple TV that supports 4k

  • There is also talk of the unveiling of a new Apple TV box that will include 4k content as well as HDR support (both of which are in somewhat limited supply right now but still) and that this might be Apple’s last ditch effort to break into the TV game in a real way.  Most folks have enough options (Roku, Amazon Fire TV, etc…) to pick up the slack in a way that makes Apple TV a niche and hardly relevant part of their business.  This new device could change some of that – once 4k content becomes more and more a part of our daily lives.

We will have more info as it becomes available – stay tuned for more details!


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