Detailed: our video rig


So – we produce video content on our YouTube channel.  We also produce a bunch of other content (podcasts, written articles, pictures on Instagram to name a few) but we’ve really been trying hard to raise the production value on the video to make it informative and useful for people.  To that end, we took some time and made a few investments in some equipment, and while it looks a bit DIY (and it sort of is!) I get questions quite a bit on where we bought the shooting rig and how it works together.  So here is the answer.

Zhiyun Smooth Q smartphone gimbal


This piece of equipment helps you get stable, smooth video out of your smartphone camera.  Often times we use the camera on a smartphone to capture a lot of our footage, and the Smooth Q gets the job time every time.  The battery life is excellent, providing well over 8 hours of continuous usage, or a week or more of intermittant use.  You can check out our full review of this smartphone gimbal here for more details – but suffice it to say whether fixed to a tripod or on the go, the Smooth Q is the base of our video equipment rig right now.

Zhiyun Smooth-Q Handheld Gimbal from Amazon

Rode Video Micro external microphone


The Rode Video Micro is a small external microphone that has a few great features:  its powered by the headphone jack of your smartphone, it comes with a Rycote Lyre mount to help dissipate/absorb bounces and shock, and it comes with a wind muff to help dampen external noise when recoding outside.  Rode is the name in recording equipment and they make high quality audio pieces for professionals and enthusiasts alike.  The Video Micro is no exception.

Rode Video Micro from Best Buy

Limocamera heavy duty L-bracket mount


This L-bracket from Limocamera was exactly what I was looking for to add the Rode mic with a cold shoe mount onto the Smooth Q.  The Smooth Q does have quite a few external attachments, but I wanted something a little more compact and would also double as another grip for the Smooth Q when walking or otherwise shooting video on the move.  The Limocamera bracket works perfectly for all those things.  I can mount the mic in a couple different locations, the L-shape is very compact and threads right onto the bottom of the Smooth Q easily, and the rubber grip gives me additional stability when shooting.  It works with the gimbal as if it was made for it.

LimoStudio L-Bracket from Amazon

Pergear mini tripod stand

I have a smaller portable tripod but with the gimbal, smartphone, and L-bracked and mic all attached, it was a little bit top heavy and so I went looking for something lightweight that would provide a wider base and more stability to the rig, and this mini tripod from Pergear fits the bill.  Lightweight but sturdy, it folds down into a compact size that fits easily into my EDC bag, but folds out quickly and provides a very sturdy wide base for still shots and recordings.  It also threads directly onto the bottom of the L-bracket for quick attachment and detachment.

PERGEAR Aluminum Mini Tripod from Amazon


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