Google will unveil their new Pixel phones on October 4th

google pixel date1

Google has started to roll out advertising for their newest lineup of Pixel phones, and the date is now confirmed – October 4th will be the new Pixel phone debut.  There is a bunch of billboard ads (like you see above) as well as a dedicated website (which you can find here) that gives us a teaser of what we can expect from these phones.

Just some of the features and specs we should see include:  water and dust resistance, an improved (on an already great) camera, and some time of batter life enhancements, some of which debuted with Android 8.0 Oreo.  Prepare yourself – this should be fun.  I’m going to be like this guy below on October 4th apparently…

Businessman with briefcase of money

Me waiting for the pre-order of the Pixel XL 2


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