LG V30 shown off by JerryRig Everything

LG V30 Angle

While we are very much looking forward to some hands on time with the newest flagship from LG (when it finally gets released) – in the meantime, we got the following press release from LG on how they partnered up with the YouTube channel JerryRig Everything to talk about the hardware and build quality of the V30.

LG has teamed up with JerryRigEverything to provide an exciting and deep dive look at LG V30’s build quality. Here’s a link, and below are some notable points to check out!


  • 00:17 – 00:52– Shows footage of NYC from the helicopter shot from the V30
  • 00:57 – 01:45– Zach Nelson provides an overview of his initial impressions of the V30, S8 design comparison
  • 02:37 – 02:43– Durability – glass lens
  • 04:45– 06:48 – Discussion around the lens, 10-bit image sensor, and general overview of the camera capabilities and playback features
  • 06:49 – 07:08– DSLR Camera comparison
  • 09:24– Phone turns back on after re-assembling it

If you are as interested as we are in this new device, check it out!


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