New video – Pixel 2 XL Hardware Features

Got a new short video for you all – looking at a few features of the new Pixel 2 XL from a hardware standpoint:  the display, the front facing speakers, and the fingerprint scanner. This will be the first part of the 2 part preview; the 2nd part will look at a few of the software features of the Pixel 2 XL.  If you are interested in this new mobile phone from Google, take a look below:

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New video – Samsung Note 8 Review

So – at long last, I got Sean P on camera to talk about what he likes and doesn’t like about his Samsung Note 8 device.  The video just went live on our channel, so head on over and check it out.  Be sure to subscribe and leave a thumbs up while you’re there, so I can keep the videos of Sean P coming.

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Google addresses Pixel 2 display issues

Screen Shot 2017-10-26 at 9.31.23 PM

With all of the recent drama surrounding the Pixel 2 XL display in particular, Google had indicated they were “actively investigating” the claims of screen burn-in, blue shift at off angles, and dull or lifeless colors on the display.  This evening, Google has revealed some more information, and some solutions they are going to put into place in response to the complaints.

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New video – Pixel 2 XL hands on & first impressions

Now that our unit to review is here, I put together a short video on some of my thoughts after having it in hand for a little bit.  There is a lot of controversy going on around the display right now, and I’ll dive into that a little more in depth as the week goes on for my full review but check out what I think about the device after having it for a few hours.

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Google Pixel 2 Fabric case review


Even though my Pixel 2 XL review device has still not yet arrived due to the incompetence of OnTrac here in Southern California, what wasn’t delayed by almost a week was this case I ordered for it.  The fabric cases are new this year, and offered direct from Google.  There are 4 different colors, and while I’ve got a little bit of time on my hands waiting for my device to come, I thought I’d give a quick rundown on what these cases look like and whether or not you might want one for your new Pixel 2 device.

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New video – updated Essential Phone review

Essential Home

A new video is live on our channel – we take a closer look at the Essential Phone now that it has received a few major software updates.  Have these updates made the Essential device worthy of your attention – watch and get our take on this one of kind device.

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Updated Camera comparison: Essential Phone versus Google Pixel

IMG_20171010_214948Now this may not be a fair comparison, considering the Google Pixel may have the best mobile smartphone camera in existence, but I wanted to give a comp for what the updated Essential camera app is capable of.  This is strictly a “pull the phone out of  your pocket and snap away” test, so no ISO or white balance correction or any of that professional photog speak.  I’ll share a few samples of the Essential camera at work, and then share a few low light shots (since that’s the Pixel’s strength) as it relates to the Essential’s camera.  Ready – here we go!

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There’s a new Blackberry phone – the Blackberry Motion

BB-motion 2

Blackberry fans have had a rough go of it lately, but there are now a few options to choose from.  After announcing the Priv and KEYOne devices, there is now a 3rd Blackberry in the stable – the Blackberry Motion, advertised as Blackberry’s “all screen phone” which as you can probably tell from the photo, not exactly accurate, but this device still exists nonetheless.

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